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Coffee Date – Our First Meeting

I’m super excited to meet with you two to chat more about your wedding day. Thank you so much as well for taking the time to chat with me over email/text. To keep things organized, I’ve put together a small takeaway package which will help you with your wedding planning.

Build your itinerary

Your wedding might be a few months down the road, however, it’s very important that you have a drafted itinerary put together to jot down your vision. So to make your life easier, here’s a sample itinerary for you to use for inspiration.

Time What’s Happening Bride Groom
8:00 AM Team Bride begins Makeup & Hair Laura gets ready with her Bride’s Maids at the Hotel
8:30 AM Photographer arrives at Bride’s Hotel to take getting ready photos Bride begins Makeup & Hair
9:00 AM Groom Team eat breakfast, shower, shave
9:30 AM Photographer heads to Groom’s Hotel to take getting ready photos
9:45 AM Team Groom begins Dressing up Groom’s getting ready photos at Hotel
10:00 AM Flowers are delivered to hotel (Boutonnieres & Bouquets)
10:30 AM Photographer heads to Bride for Dress and Details Puts on Dress with the dream team
11:00 AM Limo arrives to pick up Groom & Team Head to Church/Ceremony with Limo
11:30 AM Limo arrives to pickup Bride & Team Head to Church/Ceremony with Limo
11:45 AM Guests Arrive Arrive at Ceremony Location, head to Bridal Suite for last minute touchups Greet and usher guests
12:00 PM Ceremony Begins & Processional
12:30 PM Ceremony Ends & Recessional
12:35 PM Greet guests in Hallway
1:00 PM Bridal Party head to take Group & Family Photos
2:00 PM Bride & Groom Head to Photo Location
3:00 PM Limo takes Bridal Party to Venue
3:15 PM Touchups, Freshen Up Check in with Venue to make sure everything is on time
4:00 PM Cake is delivered to venue/reception
5:00 PM Guests arrive for Cocktail Hour Greet Guests Greet Gusts
6:45 PM Guests head to Reception
7:00 PM Introductions & First Dance
7:05 PM Dinner is served
7:10 PM First Course is served
7:10 PM First Speech
7:30 PM Second Course is served
7:30 PM 2nd Speech
8:00 PM Dessert is Served
8:00 PM Cake Cutting Photo
8:05 PM Father & Daughter Dance
8:10 PM Mother & Son Dance
8:15 PM Bride & Groom head out of Sunset Photo
8:30 PM Dance Floor Opens / Games
8:45 PM Bouquete toss & Garter Toss
9:00 PM Photography Ends
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